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Gotchahair.com – Hey, lovely curlies! So, I was asked to discuss the subject of hair types. This topic is questionable in the natural hair world and can be a little complicated specifically to freshly naturals. Since as naturals we have such numerous various hair types on one head, it’s challenging to figure out particular hair types! Although it’s a “Necessary” hair typing chart in the natural hair world, there are some various tables with many info roaming around.

Can you state complicated? Hair typing readies to understand for treating your hair however not necessary. I have a mix of 3a to 3c curls with locations of 4a therein, however mainly 3b and 3c (see exactly what I suggest?). Below is a basic chart of the best ways to discover your hair type.

Requirements additional wetness as this hair type can be vulnerable and dry to damage. These curls are usually curls and spirals however, frequently can differ in size in this hair type classification. As you can see in the images offered that there’s a distinction in the spiral and curl size in between 3c, 3a, and 3b hair type.

Lots of ladies with these curls have mixes or mixes of either three hair type. For instance, I have 3a in the front (from heat damage) and a combination of 3b and 3c in the center and back of my hair. I scrunch my 3a curls to match my 3c curls throughout styling my wash and go’s. This hair type has the tendency to work well with utilizing water based items, styling creams, custards and gel items. My hair likes gels, eco styler to be precise.

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Hair typing is simply a method to assist you to comprehend your curls simply a little bit much better. It enables you to understand a bit more on styling and taking care of your hair. Then you can acquire items that are tailored to your hair when you are mindful of your hair type or at least the classification it falls in.

Numerous naturals have no idea their particular hair type which’s all right, do not make it such a huge offer if you are uninformed. Do what works for your hair! Type 3 hair types: requirements wetness. Products: creams, pomades, gels and custards.

It can be complicated. However, you can make it as basic as you can simply to figure out the best ways to look after your hair and if somebody takes place to ask.”Hey, exactly what’s your hair type?” you can address them!

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